Top Features To Look For In A Gaming Monitor

These days, you can find an array of gaming monitors in the market offered in various sizes, specifications and different price range. So, choosing the right gaming monitor can be a complex task, as you have several options to choose from. Paying attention to some crucial factors will help you to choose the best gaming monitor with the latest features to help you gain a competitive, winning edge over your rival gamers. We help you choose the right one that caters to your gaming needs by specifying the following points.

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Which Factors Should You Pay Attention While Buying A Gaming Monitor?

You will be able to find some of the best factors that you must consider by referring to the 144hz monitor reviews by Gaming Rig. Make sure you check whether the gaming monitor you select has the following features.

1. Display Resolution

These days, you can find gaming monitor with varied display resolution ranging from UHD or 4K, QHD resolution to Full HD resolution. The monitor that has the highest resolution refers to top pixel count, which indicates better image clarity or impressive visual detail. But, the major obstacle that gamers like you often face limitation with hardware while choosing gaming monitors with UHD or QHD resolution. The gaming rigs of mid-range are equipped with the ability to hold a stable resolution with 30 FPS thereby making the QHD as the latest standard. And UHD monitors, on the other hand, have emerged as the highly potent modern GPUs that can surpass 30 FPS to achieve 60 FPS. Before you make a decision, make sure that you pay attention to the GPU power based on your preferences regarding visual quality or performance.

2. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate maintained by the monitor is usually determined through how many frames for a second a monitor will have the ability to display. However, choosing the gaming monitor that has adequate GPU will help in supporting high levels of refresh rates to get the desired number of frames per second. Before deciding on buying a gaming monitor with 240 Hz or 144 Hz, ensure that the graphics card you use can run games having top frame rates.

3. Panel Technology

The gaming monitors are offered with 2 types of panel, such as IPS or In Plane Switching and TN or Twisted Nematic. IPS panels are capable of providing excellent visual quality and can assure vibrant and better color reproduction accurately while offering good viewing angles. You can also opt for the TN panel that specializes in quicker response times.

4. Response Time

The gaming monitor you choose should have a higher response time that will lower the motion blur issues and can switch between the colors while playing fast paced games. Plus, choosing TN panel with the response time of 1 ms is much better than the 4 ms IPS panel, as it helps in avoiding ghosting issues, when you are playing action-packed games.

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