Top Ten Ukrainian Mobile App Development Companies

Ukraine is known to be one of the biggest centers for IT outsourcing in Europe with more than 40,000 specialists graduating every year with degrees in engineering and maths. Hundreds of successful startups are born and raised in this country.

Some of them are already recognized globally, such as Grammarly or Petcube. Furthermore, there is a separate mobile app development industry. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 10 Ukrainian mobile development outsourcers in our opinion.

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1. IDAP Group

Seven years on the market, IDAP have achieved remarkable success in developing prime-quality mobile and web applications for businesses, startups, and private individuals from the US, UK, and Australia.

They cooperate with giants like CocaCola and PlayBoy. Their additional services include after-release support and maintenance of projects and expert consulting. The company staff pride themselves on being passionate towards the craft of coding to accomplish the best experience for their clients.

2. Cleveroad

Cleveroad have been on the market since 2014 and have since gained a strong position in a B2B/B2C application development segment, specializing in highly customized software. They have experience creating excellent apps in spheres like banking, agriculture, healthcare, fintech, etc. Their clients include major British companies like HSBC and Octopus Investments.


WOXAPP provides a range of application development services for companies of varying scale focusing most of their efforts on mobile applications for iOS and Android. They are a small company with less than 50 people involved. The typical minimum project budget averages in $25,000. Since 2011, they have successfully completed more than 50 large projects.

4. Uptech

Aside from mobile app development, Uptech also provides UX/UI and web design services. With full support and consultation, they aid in the development of apps in any industry from healthcare to e-commerce. Additionally, Uptech supports the business accelerator for startups in the data science sphere.

5. Riseapps

This company is one of the most recent successes in the Ukrainian IT market, established in 2016 but already has 26 projects completed. They create Android and iOS apps for large corporations in Britain and Europe and grow rapidly.

6. Stuzo

Stuzo is an e-commerce technology solutions company with a focus on retail business. They plan, design and engineer personalized products like mobile wallets, transaction processors, identity management software, coupon platforms, etc. In addition to the creation of mobile applications, they are engaged in UX/UI and website design.

7. Sphere Software

Having been on the market since 2005, Sphere Software gained extensive connections and built offices all over the world with headquarters in Chicago. They cooperate both with Fortune 100 companies and recently founded startups transforming expectations. Their success stories include BuzzFeed, Tumblr, and Subway.

8. Shakuro

Shakuro operates for over a decade and has collaborated with more than 250 clients providing design, full-stack development for mobile and web spheres, and branding strategies construction. Their team includes artists and technicians, trained customer service specialists and are ready to go an extra mile to attain a perfect result.

9. Agile Engine

Agile Engine is a large private software development company that focuses on custom development as well as mobile applications and consulting. They mostly work with large projects. They build software for the Silicon Valley startups and are certified by Mercedez and Samsung. Agile Engine is ranked #1 software developer in Argentina and #2 in DC according to Clutch.


Otakoyi is an ambitious enterprise originating from Eastern Ukraine. With more than a hundred employees and a dynamic work methodology, they produce awesome projects for clients in Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, and Australia. They focus on creativity, relevance, functionality and modern technological advances.


Ukrainian software outsourcing market has a lot of potential for investment, being one of the most popular destinations for IT outsourcing in the world. Ukrainian software developers have built successful companies whose services are used worldwide, such as IDAP and Cleveroad.

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