Touch-Display Keyboard Prototype Promises Full Graphical Customization

There have been many attempts to redesign or refine our different computer input devices through the years, some of which we have featured here on Bit Rebels. Who doesn’t remember the incredibly hyped Optimus keyboard from Art Lebedev Studio? It was one of those exciting products that you just couldn’t wait to get until the price hit you square in the face. Not many people want to pay $1,600 for a keyboard, so we have to look for innovations like the touch-display keyboard instead.

New technologies are always fun to check out when they are in the development stage. All of today’s technologies have at some point been someone’s concept project, and it is from those that we learn how to improve and make them better. The touch-display keyboard is one of those concept technologies.

For a group of developers, the touch-display keyboard has been a project of innovation and a strive to solve a problem well represented around the world. The fact that keyboards should be customizable by now hasn’t escaped anyone’s mind I think. We sit here with our pre-set keyboard layouts, and that is all we know. I am doing it right now as a matter of fact. There is not a button on my entire keyboard that I can customize into showing what I want it to show.

That is why the touch-display keyboard is so appealing. Sure, it needs a little more refining and fine tuning, but the concept as a whole is brilliant. If the keys could be projected from underneath with a wide lens projector, we could have a keyboard that would be customizable down to the very last key. That would most definitely make using a computer a whole lot easier, especially when you are working with a lot of different software-specific layouts.

With this touch-display keyboard, you can customize the keys however you want. If you want to change the layout to work in Photoshop for example, it’s as easy as clicking one button. Furthermore, you can implement a whole array of different features, like pie options. Have a look at this video of a prototype of the touch-display keyboard and see just why this concept should be realized into a consumer product.

Concept Touch-Display Keyboard Prototype

Projected Touch-Display Keyboard

Projected Touch-Display Keyboard

Projected Touch-Display Keyboard