Touchy: Working Camera Helmet Suited For A Geek Photographer

Let’s see, when you think of a camera, what image is projected into your mind? I am pretty sure you’re thinking about some kind of system camera with a large lens mounted on it, or at least something like that. In recent years, the camera has been incorporated into our smartphones and somewhat morphed the mental image of a camera. The digitization of photography has revolutionized the camera industry, we all know that, but it has also changed the structure of the Internet itself. The many social photo sharing services available today have taken over analog photography almost entirely. But that doesn’t mean the creativity when it comes to the physical camera is forgotten or abandoned. The camera helmet called Touchy is proof enough of that.

Eric Siu, a Hong Kong-based eccentric geek, put together one of the geekiest cameras you have ever seen. It’s a kind of camera helmet with a set of quite interesting features. If you were to touch the head bulb and the wearer of the hat at the same time, the camera helmet would snap a picture of you. Not only that, but when it takes a photo, the two eye sockets will open up shutter-style and reveal the wearer’s eyes illuminated by some in-helmet LED lights.

It doesn’t get much geekier than that, right? Not only is it a really cool concept, but it would make for a pretty hardcore Halloween costume if you ask me. Once the photo has been taken, it can be reviewed at the back of the camera helmet. Come to think about it, this nifty little idea is one heck of a technological achievement. This camera helmet sure beats any old and boring digital camera housed in a smartphone, don’t you think? At least that is my own humble opinion. The way smartphones work presents no new features as far as technology goes. Sure, there are a few additional filters here and there, but that doesn’t necessarily make photography using a smartphone more fun. Nah, this badboy is sure to put some much needed inspiration and laughs into anyone’s boring everyday life.

Eric Siu’s Touch Camera Helmet Concept

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