Trace Your Footsteps – LED Floor

I am a big fan of the LED technology and I believe that it will become one of the leading ways to incorporate light sources into our everyday lives whether we want it or not. I just “stumbled” over this very cool image and started doing some research to see if there might be more to this and some spec. information around it. I found no specs for it BUT I managed to find a YouTube clip that just blew me away.

Imagine the possebilities! Sorround your house with these plates of master technology. Connect a computer and a hard drive. What do you get?

You get the worlds first visual real time burgler tracer. Incorporate it at home and the cops could just reqind the break in and see exactly where the bloke(s) stepped their way inside your house and where they went step by step. How cool would that be. All right there on your own floor!

Best feature of all… If you drop something small. Well, then you would see it straight away as the spot where it landed would be lit up. Never again would we need to restlessly try and find what we have lost.

LED Floor