Tronatic Motion Smartphone Is A Vibrant Addition To Smartphone Design

With Samsung currently enjoying a quite impressive upswing in sales while Apple’s board members urge Apple to start innovating again, it’s apparent that people are starting to become bored with today’s smartphone features. We have seen little innovation in the last few years when it comes to smartphone design and features. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of innovators who try to create the next gen smartphone design. The Tronatic Motion is one of those designs.

There is a new trend creeping onto the Internet, and that is that more and more professional animators and video producers are creating mind-boggling videos of new smartphone concepts. We’re no longer just seeing the insanely realistic computer renders that we’ve seen so many times. Instead, designers are looking to the powerful tools within the video producing suite to create some pretty fantastically realistic videos.

I am sure a few of you are going to comment without reading and pointlessly put “Fake!” in the comment section. Before you do, we are very aware that this is a truly well done concept video that has everything looking perfectly realistic. There are of course moments when you can really tell that this Tronatic Motion smartphone is in fact…just a concept.

The Tronatic Motion smartphone does have some pretty neat features though. I don’t think if it were ever to be realized that it would be very durable (if it’s not made out of titanium that is), but the way it opens ups, moves and intuitively engages the user in its every feature is sheer innovation.

I don’t think I have ever seen something so unearthly in the years I have been looking closely at what the concept innovation platform has to offer. This is truly a beautiful concept that deserves a bit of time in the spotlight, or at least we here at Bit Rebels think so. That’s why we decided to feature it here before anyone else has. Maybe Apple needs to look beyond their precision thinking and instead start playing around and having fun, just like Steve Jobs once did with his colleagues. Innovation is the mother of all success.

Shuvam Rulz‘s Tronatic Motion Smartphone Design






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    Loved this article, the phone is really nice, can not wait to see these features in person!