Trying to take a bite out of Apple…

With all the iPhone excitement or hype, however you want to look at it, Nokia is trying to release its N97.  Now I have seen some comparisons, it has a full touch screen, and a kinda slide out full qwerty keyboard.  Have a look at the detailed review below.  My question is though, would iPhone users go for this kind of device or have they become a little Apple “snobbish”?

When you look at some of the basic features of the iPhone, and the fact that the new OS version has only just got its head around MMS and copy paste features, and the new model has only just got a video recording feature,  its amazing how much people let it get away with as a phone.

Now I am no way trying to put down the iPhone, I am after one myself, but why?  Is it because of the iPod feature attached?  Maybe its the huge app store it has?  Google maps?  Who knows.

If Nokia were to win you from your iPhone, what would they need to do? (other than pay you…;))