Finally A Real QWERTY Keyboard For The iPhone 4!

It’s on everyone’s wish list pretty much, and it’s something that Apple just hasn’t looked into, yet. Maybe they never will, but I am sure many people would like to have the opportunity to be able to choose if they want to use the touch screen keyboard to type or a real QWERTY keyboard. There are so many people out there that feel like the appeal is lost when using the touch screen keyboard, and as a result, they are typing way less messages to their friends and loved ones. There has yet to be a simple solution for this and with Apple standing their ground, it took an Indian guy to solve the problem.

It’s not yet the most beautiful solution, as these first renders showcase, but it is a truly inspiring start. The solution is a simple “slide-on” which deactivates the touch screen keyboard and activates a real QWERTY keyboard. It will even make sure you can still connect your phone to the computer or a power outlet so that you can manage your iPhone and also charge it while typing.

With a little bit more development and styling, this could be quite a success and I am sure that Altamash Jiwani, the developer of this fine and interesting idea, is on the trail of something good. Give it a couple of months and we all should be able to use our iPhones with a real QWERTY keyboard.