Turn Your iPhone Into A Recording Studio

This is the most creative app I have seen in a while. This is how Voice Band for the iPhone works: You put your vocals into your phone through the mic, and this app amazingly turns your voice into the sounds of instruments, and the quality is surprisingly good!

You can even lay down multiple tracks (all kinds of different instruments) on top of each other with just your voice. The instruments actually follow what you sing. There are also ton of features with this app that include auto pitch correction, tempo change, delay and distortion and a metronome.

This seems like a song writers dream because when a new song pops in your head, you can instantly hear what it might sounds like, even with the other instruments. About the only thing this app doesn’t do is transform my horrible singing voice into a good one. Darn!

According to YouTube, “This new iPhone app turns your voice into an instrument in real time. You sing into the iPhone, and it turns your voice into a guitar, a bass, a synth, etc… The entire song in the video is created with just a voice singing into the iPhone.”

This is next generation karaoke for sure. For only $2.99, you can’t go wrong!