Turn Your iPhone Into An EKG Machine!

Is there anything an iPhone can’t do? I mean, seriously. The CyanogenMod based on the Android operating system blows my mind; however, it all comes down to the user experience, which in most cases, unless you are a technology geek, means apps, right? Maybe someday soon (I hope) having an Android phone will be as sleek and sexy as owning an iPhone, but for now, there is still no contest.

Although recent studies show that the iPhone is losing a little of its popularity, it still seems like every day we read about new iPhone apps that do seemingly unbelievable things. It’s incredible and exciting for users everywhere who love to download apps and try them on for fun.

We’ve written about a lot of them on Bit Rebels. The app that gets rid of acne, the app that pops popcorn and especially the app that instantly translates signs in foreign languages (in video format) are my three favorites by far. I have another amazing iPhone function to share with you that will, once again, leave you scratching your head in amazement. This time, it’s not actually an app.

Now you can transform you iPhone into an EKG or electrocardiograph. Through a wireless device, electrodes communicate with your iPhone. You simply press your phone against your heart and you will see the readings. It stores your heart rate history in the software so you and your doctor can monitor any changes. The device, called an iPhonECG, is not for sale at the moment in the States. Once it is approved to be sold as a medical device here, it will be available for under $100. This incredible little piece of technology was developed by Alivecor and Oregon Scientific. Wow.

[via Technabob]