GameStick Controller System Could Make TV Gaming Huge In 2013

In the last decade or so, we have seen a huge increase in gaming platforms being launched. Everything from mobile devices to online game shops have become enormously successful. Indie game producers now have a whole lot of options when they start out planning their games. I would dare to say that indie developers are the real winners in this whole industry as of late. But with a new year comes new expectations, and predicting them is as hard as ever. I keep asking myself what else we can expect to see games on in the future. According to a lot of developers, TV gaming is next in line to receive the gaming system treatment. Whatever platform they will be running on will of course vary since pretty much every OS developer is working on a TV it seems.

According to the developers of the GameStick, PlayJam, 2013 will be the year of TV gaming. They believe this so much so that they are dedicating themselves to creating the only true mobile TV gaming system, and it fits in a controller. It the only thing you will ever need in order to kick ass on any TV. Their approach is to make the controller TV gaming system as versatile as humanly possible, and still make sure it will cater to future TVs experiences as well.

PlayJam’s GameStick is a startup project which they recently launched on Kickstarter in order to raise funds to complete their mission. It’s a novel project that could very well mean that TV Gaming will take off big time during 2013. Apple is one of the big players who has been predicting the huge success of interactive TVs for a long time now. And personally, I don’t think Apple (who has been rumored to be working on their own interactive TV) would miss out on this huge revenue stream. PlayJam hopes to stay a step ahead though, and they are looking to raise $100,000 (with 29 days left as I am writing this) for their project. They have already been able to raise north of $75,000. Is 2013 going to be the year of TV gaming? Everything seems to point in that direction. The question is really, who will be the winner in this new frontier of TV gaming? Will it once again be the indie developers or will brands like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung or of course PlayJam, with their complete TV gaming platform housed in a controller, be the real winners when it comes to raking in the dough? What do you think?

PlayJam’s Innovative GameStick For TV Gaming