Landline Texting Is Here And It’s The Next Gen Customer Support

Pay careful attention now because this could mean you gaining an edge in the tough competition for customers online. We all know how social media has become a way to gain the attention of brands and companies as a customer, however, it’s still slow and most of the time you don’t get an answer at all. That is all about to change thanks to LiveHelpNow’s newest and absolutely awesome service called Landline Texting. It’s every bit as awesome as you can imagine and it will help you interact with your customers and users lightning fast!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of things, as a company or a brand, it is vital to have a close relationship with your customers or users. When they feel they can reach out to you and get fast answers and information, that’s when you know they will stay around for a long time. That is exactly what LiveHelpNow’s Landline Texting service is all about.

What LiveHelpNow has done is to take texting to a whole new level. In today’s smartphone-packed world texting is something that we all know and love. It is rare that you come across someone who is not familiar with texting and that’s why Landline Texting is a such a natural step in the customer support chain.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Landline Texting and why you should not pass up the opportunity to upgrade your customer support service.

  • When using landline texting, your customers don’t have to stay tethered to their computers or mucking around in a crummy and slow smartphone browser.
  • No extra equipment is needed! It is solely running on the native landline system (business) together with the LiveHelpNow service.
  • Customers can easily exchange and reference information using familiar notifications.
  • Landline texting allows for larger amounts of requests to be processed in a more relaxed workflow.

This new service rollout is as perfect for the smart small start-up as well as for the largest enterprises. It’s the customizable  nature of this product that will surely make it a game-changer within the spectrum of customer support.

Why customer support has been locked into website forms for this long is a mystery to us here at Bit Rebels and this is certainly a welcome attribute to the customer support group that will now be able to interact with customers without having to use cumbersome support ticket solutions. Texting may be decade old by now, but it is certainly the future when it comes to customer support. The two mashed together is a match made in heaven.

The Massive Feature List Of LiveHelpNow’s Landline Texting Service

The unbeatable feature list that we here at Bit Rebels think will make Landline Texting into a powerhouse customer support solution is long and we will try to list a few of them here in this article. Digging deeper into every feature would make this article way too long and as we know our readers are tech-savvy we believe most of the features are self-explanatory. If you, however, should have questions then we urge you to head on over to LiveHelpNow’s official website where you will find out more about this wonderful service.

Now, let’s have a look some of the features that Landline Texting is offering:

Live Chat Features:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Customizable chat and invitation windows
  • Real-time visitor monitoring
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Visitor triggers
  • Customizable rules engine
  • Instant language translation
  • Enterprise class reporting engine
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Customizable surveys
  • Social media integration

Email / Ticket Management:

  • Customizable email management form
  • Twiter to ticket integration
  • Restrict agent access
  • Filter and search
  • Dynamic status updates
  • Self-service web portal

Knowledge Base:

  • Universal question and answer template
  • Dynamic, searchable FAQs
  • Built-in search (HelpOut Tab)
  • Private or public article status
  • Article ratings
  • Search engine optimized articles

Call Management:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Customizable capture forms
  • Archived call transcripts
  • Real-time notifications
  • Accessible customer char and ticket history

In addition to these features, you can find more than 2,500 other features if you head on over to LiveHelpNow’s website. As we said, this service is a game-changer and with it, you will definitely edge up to your competitors by offering your customers a superior support experience.

Not only will the Landline Texting service allow you to shine, it will also allow you to travel deep into analytical data that will help you optimize your customer support chain into perfection. As a customer, there is nothing more annoying than having to wait excruciatingly long for a simple answer. Landline Texting will remove waiting time out of the support chain forever. Our suggestion is simple and straight forward, be smart, use LiveHelpNow for a better customer experience and go from better to best!

Landline Texting – Next Gen Customer Support Is Here!

Landline Texting Customer Support

Landline Texting Customer Support