Two Unusual Clocks – Minimalist Inspiration

Time is something that we always watch, especially when we feel that we are running up against a deadline. It is wonderful to see that even in this digital age, we still see clocks that are designed beautifully. You’ve probably seen a lot of the designs featured in articles here on Bit Rebels.

We often check time using our computers or our cellphones (geeks), but I still like looking at clocks or my watch when I check the time. While going through my usual research for my articles here, I came upon two very unusual clocks that I thought I would share with you. Most of the clocks we see have the usual numbers, but these clocks are interesting because they are so simple, and you don’t need the numbers on them to read the time.

One is called The Front & Back, this minimalist clock is a design by The Wrong Objects and uses its own batteries as its hands to tell time. You just have to love a design that takes an object and boils it down to its most basic parts, and yet it still works.

The other is a Morse code clock. If you want to know what time it is, you just have to press it, and it’ll flash the current time to you in Morse code. It’s probably not the most practical clock out there, but it’s quite cool, and there’s a high chance that your friends in the same room wouldn’t know that the flashing light is actually telling you the time. Check out the video here that I included to see how it works.