4 Unorthodox Timepieces Designed To WOW Your Wrist

Watches are timeless treasures and classic timepieces. They have taken us through many decades, kept us on schedule, and let us know when we are running late. Living hectic lifestyles like we do, we need to constantly check the time, even when it seems like the day is at a standstill. If you are the type who has to check the time every 5 minutes, you probably have the convenience to simply look at your wrist without searching for a clock. Watches have stood the test of time and evolved from the 15th century spring powered clocks. The 1920s are when timepieces became popular, and in the 1970s the first digital electronic watch was born. Watches have evolved along with us, even as smartphones and other electronic gadgets have been introduced into our lives.

It is hard to believe that at one point in time, a wristlet (the original reference to a wristwatch in the 1900s) was worn only by women and considered a passing fad. This changed during World War I when pocket watches, the only timepiece men wore at that time, became inconvenient so they began wearing watches on their wrists. This historical piece has seen us through the best and worst of times, literally.

Today we wear watches simply to tell time, and they have become a well-known unisex timepiece that has clearly proven to not be a fad. Whether you wear one for work, when you’re out running errands, or all the time, we have journeyed throughout our years with various types of watches that have embellished our wrists. From analog to digital, we have seen a lot of advancement within the technology of wrist watches including their designs and their ability to be multifunctional. Wrist watches have further advanced beyond our imaginations, allowing us to truly express ourselves and display watches as art pieces which goes beyond them merely telling us the time.

Those who find watches to be collectible choose their timepieces carefully, inspecting the craftsmanship down to the minute detail. Although the majority of us are not collectors, we still value the workmanship that goes into not only their ability to tell time, but their aesthetic appeal as well, especially when a timepiece can wow us.

4 Very Unusual & Geeky Timepieces To Drool Over

1. Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Watch

Not only will this Avant-garde timepiece show you the time when you tilt it to a 30 to 40 degree angle, the Tokyoflash Kisai Upload will also allow you to store data right on your wrist with its built in MicroSD slot which comes with a 2GB card. To access the card, you need to connect via a USB port which will also act as a charger. The watch allows you to change the date, time and add an alarm. You also have the ability to change its background color with 5 already preset color choices. It has LED lighting, is water resistant, and on a full charge has a run time of 3-4 months without another recharge.


2. Basis Health Monitoring Watch

If you are looking to kick-start your New Year’s resolution a little early this year, or if you want to increase your ability to monitor your exercise regime, the Basis wrist watch can help you attain powerful insight on your fitness and sleep patterns so you can gain a healthier lifestyle without making drastic changes.


3. Dzmitry Samal Concrete Watch

This limited-edition watch is designed for the manly man who can sport a timepiece that has a face made out of concrete. This watch comes with a black rubber strap and an anti-reflective sapphire glass that is raised on the face for protection. This heavy-duty watch has a 6-hand Swiss chronograph movement, and it is water resistant up to 50-meters. Lucky for you, deliveries of this watch just began this month, but you better hurry. With only up to 150 of these badboys being made, they are sure to go fast.


4. Retro TV-Style Binary Watch

We saved the best for last since this particular timepiece not only takes you back to the 50s and 60s with its retro-styled television set on the face of the watch, but it lets you tell time in a futuristic, geeky way using binary code. This amazing watch is also water resistant and is lit using LED lights.


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