txtBomber: Print Your Guerrilla Marketing On Any Wall

Remember those matrix printers that were popular during the 80’s? It sounded like it was going to drill a hole into your skull every time you started it. They had those perforated papers that you had to have in order for the paper to get fed into the printer itself. Well, you probably know what I am talking about. They were bulky and they were loud, but we loved them. It was the closest thing to a industry sized printing machine you could get. Everyone dreamed of writing their own book or novel which you would then just print out to show your friends and loved ones.

Well, those days are over and today we have systems that exceed anything that was available at that time and for almost no money at all. We can literally print, scan, fax and God knows what with the multi-printers that are available to us today. However, there is one thing that these printers can’t do.

They can’t print on walls (and maybe that’s a good thing), at least not until now. Felix Vorreiter has designed a pretty cool and nifty little gadget that let’s you do just that. It’s a one hand guerrilla toll that enables you to print political messages on any wall with a really cool and edgy font style.

It’s a modern statement machine with 7 pens attached to it, controlled by a central brain memory chip. Powered by a strong battery, you can walk around printing on walls for what seems like forever, and you don’t need a computer to make it work. Unfortunately, it only speaks German at the moment. However, I am sure that the world will listen and more languages will be injected into this device of the doomed. Watch out though… it’s a crime in most countries to doodle messages on just any wall. Who cares, right…