UDOO: A Powerful Combination Of Raspberry Pi & Arduino Technologies

We’ve seen tons of incredible creations that have spawned from a Raspberry Pi, and even more DIY projects that are made possible with an Arduino. Can you imagine what it would be like to have both of them incorporated into one board? It could unleash a wrath of creativity in people that would be impossible to contain. That is now possible with an UDOO. Now that I’m writing about it, it seems like such an obvious combination.

This tiny PC can run either Linux or Android, and it has an Arduino-compatible board embedded in it. An UDOO (developed by Carnegie Mellon University) is useful for not only software development and DIY projects, but for education also. There is obviously a need for such a device because they are currently seeking $27,000 on Kickstarter, and with 23 days to go, they have already raised a whopping $430,764! What an accomplishment, and a welcomed device to innovators around the world. They even made it to the front page of Kickstarter as one of the Staff Picks.

According to Kickstarter (where they’ve received over 16 times the amount of funding needed), “UDOO is an open hardware, low-cost computer equipped with an ARM i.MX6 Freescale processor for Android and Linux, alongside Arduino DUEs AMR SAM3X, both CPU integrated on the same board.” This device basically has the power of 4 Raspberry Pi along with the Arduino DUE functionality.

Since UDOO is such a flexible development platform, it will open the doors for so much innovation and creativity. You can even switch back and forth between Android and Linux easily by just rebooting after replacing the Micro SD card. I think UDOO will become a very popular staple for DIY projects around the world over the next year. I can’t wait to see the prototypes created with this. What a groundbreaking little device.

UDOO: Raspberry Pi & Arduino In One Board