Why Ukrainian Developers Are Really Good For IT Outsourcing

Whether you’re an online store, a cleaning company, or even a laundry service, everybody needs developers. With pretty much every service out there having websites or in the form of an app, that particular line of work is booming and more and more people are starting to get into it.

Unfortunately, it’s still pretty tricky to find some good developers that know what they’re doing and are capable of taking your app/website to the next level. And those who you do find are pretty pricey.

This is why many companies are resorting to outsourcing software development, and the results are quite excellent in terms of quality and pricing. Here’s why Ukrainian developers might just be the answer to your problems.

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Experience And Good Education

The quality of education in Ukraine is quite encouraging for anyone considering outsourcing their IT services to the country. A good chunk of Ukrainian IT professionals has enrolled in higher education programs and hold different degrees in fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Ukraine’s software outsourcing programs are also some of the highest-ranked in Central and Eastern European Association (CEEOA), Outsourcing Journal, and Colliers International, and the developers from Ukraine are known for their innovative capacities and their ability to use advanced technologies.

They’re also well versed in different programming languages like C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Swift. It’s very important to deal with developers who know these different languages because different apps and websites require different programming approaches. So, it’s crucial you get a developer who knows as much of these as possible.

In Abundance

There’s plenty of IT professionals in Ukraine. In fact, it’s estimated that the value of the IT industry in the country will reach $10 billion by 2020! That should give you an idea of how much they care about this business down there

There are close to 200,000 IT professionals in the country, meaning you’ll get a lot of variety to choose from according to your company ideals and direction. It’s also worth mentioning that over 35,000 thousand students graduate from science majors in Ukraine, more than countries known for their exceptional innovations and creativity like Japan, Sweden, and Norway.

Excellent Rates

Getting down to business, one of the main reasons to outsource any service is cost, next to the skill. Ukrainian developers charge excellent rates in comparison to other neighboring countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. The average hourly rate for a Ukrainian developer ranges between 30 and 50 USD, which is much less than a place like North America where a similar talent would charge starting from $100 per hour!

This is a crucial point because when you find several outsourcing options with similar skills, pricing is going to be the deciding factor. And when it comes to balancing talent and experience with good rates, Ukrainian developers are some of the best in the market.

Rich Startup Scene

Ukraine has a very rich tech startup scene, with thousands of IT companies and startups rising every year. There are plenty of big names already in the field, creating big chances and training more developers to be the best in their fields.

It becomes very easy to start a software development company in Ukraine, because you’ll find plenty of raw talent to help your company get on its feet, and other startups willing to help you set up your system and create powerful tech applications. Whether it’s creating an app, website, backend, or anything for your startup needs, you’ll find software developers to help you.


While technical knowledge is key when you’re looking for developers, there are other skills you need to look for, like language. Most Ukrainian developers have an above-average command of the English language, which is crucial in the markets of today as you’ll need the language to communicate pretty much everything and deal with clients and managers. They also have great soft skills, which is one of the reasons why they’re always in demand in the market.

Cultural Fit

It’s also natural that you’d be looking for developers who are culturally compatible with your company and country mindset. Ukraine is European, so it’ll definitely appeal to the western sides of Europe, sharing much of the values and ideals. More importantly, it also shares many of the ethical qualities that are more dominant in the eastern parts, namely, hard work and honor.

Ukrainian developers are known to like challenges and to be very ethical when it comes to doing a task, meaning nothing will be hastily done, and every assignment will be done in the best way possible. They’re also very loyal to their clients, and you’d feel comfortable dealing with one of them because they’ll be punctual, committed, and ready to form a long-term relationship with your company.

Convenient Working Hours

Ukraine is one or two hours ahead of most European countries, which makes it quite convenient for outsourcing your work as the time difference will be minimal. This ensures a smooth workflow and an easy communication process.

Thriving Tech Community

The country has put much interest and investment into the tech community, creating plenty of networking events led by major companies and attended by people from all over the world. Ukrainian developers are given the chance to gain much experience and advance quickly in the field, because their country sees to that happening. The tech community is vibrant and full of events and cooperation between different entities, which reflects on the quality of the developers you’ll hire.

If Google Does It

The world’s biggest companies develop software in Ukraine, like Google and Panasonic, and if they’re doing it, then so should you. It’s a great chance to meet up and collaborate with some of the best developers in the region, who bring to the table years of experience and high exposure to the field.

Whatever programming language you want to use, and no matter how hard the task is, chances are you’ll find a Ukrainian developer to do it for you, and for better prices than almost anywhere. All you need to do is look.

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