Ultimate PC Tablet: Ending The Apple Tablet Reign

We see them come and go, but there’s really only one that remains. Or should I say rather, the one tablet to rule them all. Sales are off the scale, and the constant new upgrades make it better and better by the day. It’s no wonder that Apple is truly leading the market into a new era of connectivity. Sure, we’ve been used to the iPad for a while now, but that still doesn’t make it any less impressive.  I must agree that the lack of competitive tablets that stay on the market and slowly pick off market shares isn’t exactly in abundance.

Even though a lot of innovative companies try to catch up, keep or or even start, there never seems to be enough… hmm… mojo in their products to really take off. Is that because we all know what Apple does, and they do it so well, or could it simply be because the other companies don’t seem to understand their customers enough to bring the technology to our attention? Of course this is the holy grail of questions, and if I could answer that one, I wouldn’t be sitting here.

Believe me, there are people out there who truly try to make a dent in the market by innovating new and cool tablet designs that could possibly rival Apple and their complete control over the market. One such brave designer is Volker Hübner, and what he has done is nothing less than awesomeness. However, I don’t understand why a PC gadget always has to be about the buttons and the… junk. Make it clean, make it simple and make it ultimately usable, anywhere.

I do admit and confess that I sometimes sound like an Apple fanboy, but believe me, even though I love Apple products, I have made it my life’s mission to stay objective. I work on several different setups, and depending on what I am doing, I find it more expressive and educating to stay on multiple setups. Why only use one when you can use them all? Someone who knows everything in one area will be clueless in all the rest. Someone who knows a little in each will come across knowledgeable in all. Do you know what I mean?

This concept design is called M Pen & Pad Touch Tablet PC and is supposedly the illest and ultimate PC tablet creation out there at the moment. I agree that it is truly badass; however, I would have to argue on the fact that it’s not really the ultimate design. Imagine carrying that pad with you. First of all, all the buttons would get stuck in all the junk you have in your bag even though you would have a crazy design case for it. I could go on all day. So my verdict for this one is that’s it’s really mediocre, however badass.

M Pen Pad Touch PC

M Pen Pad Touch PC

M Pen Pad Touch PC