Ultra-Compact USB Flash Drive Boasts Insane 16GB Storage Capacity

Just a few days ago, Kingston announced their incredibly impressive 1TB flash drive (with a price tag thought to be well above $3,500). It’s a lot of storage on such a small device. But how would you be able to carry one of those with you without fear of losing it? After all, it’s not exactly the cheapest gadget in the world. There are other solutions, but they don’t carry the same amount of storage space. Storage space is of course something we have all come to know as the most vital aspect when you’re buying a new gadget. We also know that a gadget doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be good. There are plenty of USB flash drives out there that will get the job done. This is especially true for the ultra-compact USB flash drives that are now starting to make their appearance on the market.

One of these in particular comes to mind. The Ultra-Compact USB Flash Drive is a small wonder to behold. At first, it can seem a little silly. But when it starts to sink in just how amazing this little piece of technology really is, it all starts to make sense. This ultra-compact USB flash drive can hold up to 16GB of storage – something that is almost unprecedented in other ultra-compact flash drives.

It’s not only the small size of this flash drive that is appealing. It is its $44.75 price tag as well. To get such a little gadget with so much storage capacity for such a small price is epic in so many ways. Not only will it fit perfectly in your pocket, it will also fit snugly into your computer. No more bulky flash drives poking out from the side of it – just this little “plug” drive that could hold pretty much every document you have ever written. But be careful, its small size can easily make you lose it. Always have a safe place to store it when it is not plugged into your computer. As I am writing this, I am still mesmerized by the small size of this thing. It is definitely ultra-compact, there’s no doubt about it!

Ultra-Compact USB Flash Drive – 16GB

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