Unleash the Geek in You With Stupidiotic Accessories!

The best way to show people how unique we are is by wearing or using accessories that speak volumes about our personality, what we like, and what we are all about. There are so many accessories out there available to create the look and feel that we want. Whether you are a woman or a man, accessories can really spruce up your look.

I found a cool site, thank you to @neonheartboy. It is called Stupidiotic.com, and they are a brand for an unusual line of products. According to the site owners, it seems Stupidiotic ideas become brilliant innovations. Brilliant innovations eventually become Stupidiotic. No one escapes the Stupidiodyssey. We all actively pursue something Stupidiotic. Whether it’s some half-baked idea or unrealistic objective. There’s always a sincere and hopeful spirit at the core of Stupidiotic things. It’s these sincerious Stupidiotic things we salute and celebrate. More than a brand – it’s a human condition.

I’ve chosen several of the products that can unleash the geek in you. I hope you like them.

Main Image Source – Super Geek by Stoopidgerls

Time Bag – Take your time with these Stupidiotic handbags. They feature an actual functioning 8” clock built right into them. They are available in 3 different colors: black, red or white vinyl. They have an adjustable carry strap which makes it a purse or shoulder bag. It sses 1 “AA” size battery (not included). $18.00

Knuckle Tattoo – These are only $4.00. Are you a tough guy? Maybe you just want to look tough, without the pain or jail time. These temporary tattoos adhere to your knuckles. There’s 14 different fist phrases like THIS HURT, LAST CALL, GAME OVER etc.

Giant Ear bud Speakers – for $50.00 these GIANT earbud speakers work with your ipod or PC. They feature a built-in amp, 3-way power with either batteries, USB port (cord supplied) or use an A/C power supply (not included) and great BIG sound. They also make your big fat head look smaller.

Big Remote Control – You won’t lose this TV remote. You may not even be able to lift it. This is a big super-sized jumbo giant extra large universal remote control. It’s simple to program. This 8-in-1 remote controls your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. It features codes for the most popular brands of A/V devices. It uses two AA batteries (not included). 5″ W x 11″ L x 1″ H. $12.00