Mighty Mug Is Your Unspillable Beverage Container

We all know how it goes. We wake up all inspired and looking forward to our morning coffee. Without it, our day will be utterly depressing, long and without a doubt a long drawn out yawn. We’re all merry and unaware that within just a few minutes, when we’re on our way to work, we’ll knock our cup over and spill the scorching hot coffee all over ourselves. I think we all know where it’s heading from here on after, right? Well, the unspillable cup invention called the Mighty Mug from Dexam, promises no more tears.

I know what you’re thinking cause I thought the same thing. Here we go again, another product claiming to be invincibly awesome. This time however I was pretty impressed and amazed by the end of the video. This thing they call the Mighty Mug might actually have something new going for it.

First I thought that the mug seemed to be using a kind of magnetic contraption on the bottom, it is not. It is an instantaneously vacuum seal that activates as soon as you let go of it. The technology behind this feature is called Smartgrip Technology. Push on its sides, and it is as the title of this article says, unspillable, and the Mighty Mug will not budge under any pressure or force. Put it down on a coffee table and you can literally pick up the mug and the table will stay attached, no kidding.

With a price tag just under $35.00 over at Amazon, it’s definitely not too expensive for the average wallet. It comes in 6 different colors (pearl white, charcoal black, red, teal blue, pink and black.) If it prevents nasty and highly annoying spills then I am perfectly fine shelling out that kind of money for a mug. The Mighty Mug is something that at least I haven’t seen before, and I am, however geeky it might sound, quite excited about its existence.

The Mighty Mug has been around since 2012; however, this new and more appealing design is brand new. I am sure with the amount of people that make their daily pilgrim to coffee shops all over the world is going to worship this beautiful little invention. Not only that, but I am excited to see what Dexam can come up with next. Innovation is what fuels the world, and this is a step in the right direction.

Mighty Mug (Amazon) – The Unspillable Beverage Container

Dexam Unspillable Mighty Mug

Dexam Unspillable Mighty Mug

Dexam Unspillable Mighty Mug