Imagine A World With Sustainable Energy & Access For All [Infographic]

“Sustainable Energy For All” is a collaboration between the United Nations and 70 countries who share three goals – making sure the entire world had access to modern energy, doubling renewable energy and doubling the improvement in energy efficiency by 2030. It’s a lofty goal, but it’s also inspiring to think that the whole world could have access to electricity in only 17 years.

That means more than a billion people will be able to dramatically improve their health, communication and lifestyle by having access to electricity, which is something many of us take for granted. According to The World Bank, there are still 1.2 billion people in the world who don’t have any access to electricity. 2.8 billion people don’t have access to modern household fuels, and sustainable energy only accounts for 18% of overall global energy.

If the goals of “Sustainable Energy For All” are met, this will also go a long way to end some of the extreme poverty in the world. Where do things stand now when it comes these goals? 15 international organizations form the Global Tracking Initiative to track and report this progress. You can click over to Global Tracking Framework where you can download a 289 page PDF detailing where things are now, or you can have a look at the overview presented in the infographic below.

This infographic is called Sustainable Energy For All, and it is presented by The World Bank (design by NowSourcing). Although this next comment of mine may sound simplistic and naive, it just seems to me that with all the incredible technology available today, we should at least be able to be sure everyone on the planet has access to electricity. Here in the States, we freak out when we are without electricity for a day – imagine never having it at all. We are blessed.

Update On Worldwide Sustainable Energy & Access For All

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Via: [The World Bank] Header Image Credit: [Berkeley Lab]