Green Noise | Noise Converted Into Electricity!

Many have tried to harness electricity out of pretty much everything. From water to wind and from the sun. There has been no shortage of ideas so far on how we could get green electricity running through our wires. Some work, some don’t. Some are considered the future and some we just want to forget as soon as possible since we’ve learned the costs of building such devices will be far more costly than the return. What’s good about all this is that we’re always trying. We will never give up until we have that perfect solution instead of nuclear and/or fuel based generation of electricity.

As technology evolves, so do the ideas on how we can harness power and from what. The latest in crazy ideas is a device developed by the brilliant designer mind of Hung-Uei Jou. His idea is to convert noise and sound into electricity to power the lights at an airport runway. I am sure the device can be added to a lot of different situations but the concept is really neat.

Putting these devices at a runway and letting them collect and trap the sounds from the airplanes as they fly and drive by could really lower the costs and the carbon footprint generated by airports around the world. We could even deploy these things around our busiest highways or on the outside of trains and subways. The applications are endless.

Just looking at these things makes me really excited. Maybe they could really work and if they do I am sure we can find a really cheap way of manufacturing these bad boys. With that we could really make a dent in the battle for green electricity. If they work, I am putting my 2 dollars on designer Hung-Uei Jou! I truly hope these work… even though it will look like there are land mines on the runway and scare the bejewels out of people flying.