This USB Memory Collector Gives New Life To Old Flash Sticks

USB memory sticks have always been a great accessory for anyone who is doing a great deal of their daily work on a computer. Their easy access and use makes them necessary devices when traveling for example. But as technology progresses, the old and low memory storage flash sticks become obsolete, and we usually end up throwing them in a drawer somewhere. It’s sad really. There are literally millions of 1-16 GB flash sticks out there that just don’t cut it anymore. They are too small to be useful. Nowadays you can get a 1 terabyte SSD flash stick from Victorinox (for example). That’s a considerable amount more storage than the previous ones, wouldn’t you say? So what are we supposed to do with yesterday’s leaps in technology? We could turn to this USB memory collector.

It’s a new concept design device by designers Lee Seungmin and Jin Juhyun¬†called the Outdated USB Collector, and I think a lot of people could have a use for it. As our drawers fill up with old flash sticks, and we don’t know what to do with their available free storage space, this USB memory collector might come to our rescue. It could solve the problem by letting you plug in a ton of your USB flash sticks into it, and then let them all count as one big drive of free storage space. It’s pretty genius, right?

On the front of it, you will have a constantly updating LCD display that will tell you exactly how much free memory storage space you have available to you. If you run out of memory, just plug in another discarded USB stick and your memory will increase. It’s a genius way to recycle your old and obsolete USB sticks, and I feel sure this USB memory collector will be a huge success. There are so many people out there who don’t know what to do with their old flash drives, and this little invention could revolutionize the way we look at those old pieces of technology. This USB memory collector will do wonders with that pile of flash sticks you thought you’d never use again. It’s a great idea that is definitely worth realizing.

The Outdated USB Memory Collector Hub Concept

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