USB Neck Cooler Is Your Epic Sci-Fi Summer Accessory

Every year at this time there are a slew of gadgets announced, released and marketed using the summer season as their promotion booster. It’s the same every year, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. All of these gadgets seem to hover around the fact that we all overheat during the summer. Some are of course just rubbish, while others are actually quite intriguing. One of these gadgets is the USB neck cooler. It’s a gadget that most of us probably can’t live without.

This USB neck cooler is a 95gm (about 6.89oz) device that is clamped onto your neck from behind, and it will keep you cool during the hot summer days ahead. It’s not unusual that gadgets get the sci-fi treatment these days, but this neck cooler must have gotten more attention than most gadgets because it looks like something taken directly from a box office science fiction movie.

It is powered by a USB connection or two AAA batteries, which make it a brilliant gadget for when you spend long hours in front of the computer, or if you’re out on the track running. The device draws cool air (depending on what the air temperature is around you when you’re wearing it) and funnels it through the arms of the neck cooler to deliver a cool and relaxing experience onto your skin.

This USB neck cooler is developed by Thanko, and it retails for just under $20.00 ($19.80 or 1,980 yen). It also comes with a three month warranty. If you feel the heat of summer or the nights in front of your computer are too much for you to handle, this USB neck cooler is precisely what you need. You simply clamp it around your neck and turn it on, and instant cooling is applied. If anything, getting one of these gadgets will make you look like a time traveler of epic proportions. The sci-fi style this gadget incorporates will always ensure instant recognition by people around you looking for a bit of cool in their everyday boredom.

Thanko’s USB Neck Cooler Device