USB Typewriter – The iPad’s Best Accessory!

Everyone gets a little retro every now and then. It’s in everyone’s nature. Traveling down memory lane makes us think that whatever was present then is cool now. Most of the time it’s really not, but sometimes you stumble over something that really takes the cool up a notch. With the iPad being the “in” gadget right now, what could be better than finding a way to add some of that retro feel to the iPad itself?

Someone (I don’t know who) has converted an old typewriter into a fully functional USB typewriter which you just connect to the iPad and then type away. The converter makes the whole thing work, and you’re able to type just like you were used to back in the days… if you’re like 50 years old.

So for anyone that thinks it’s easier and more straight forward to type on a typewriter, or if you just want to be rad and retro for a few moments, this is totally for you. Whether it is a ploy or not is not disclosed, but from the reactions of it, and the video, it seems to be highly plausible. After all, we’ve seen much more elaborate accessories that turned out to be real in the end. So, this USB typewriter is my pick for the day!