Vader 3D Printer Uses Molten Metal To Print Objects

3D printers have come a long way since we started reporting on their progress here at Bit Rebels. We were among the first websites on the Internet to pick up on this new trend, and so far it has been as impressive as we first thought it would be. 3D printing is going to have an even bigger impact on the world the more advanced the printers get. When 3D printers are able to print using molten metal is when things are really going to get exciting.

Father and son, named Scott and Zackery Vader, (Vader Systems), fortunately not related to the evil lord Vader, (and yes that is their actual last name), recently unveiled their unprecedented 3D printer fittingly called Vader. You might be wondering what’s so innovative and special about their 3D printer I mean there are hundreds of 3D printers out there by now so what does another one do, right?

Well, the Vader 3D printer will be able to use molten metal (aluminum) when it is completely finished. The two Vader’s are very confident in their project, and say that they can even create a multiple nozzle printing head that prints molten metal instead of plastic to create solid metal objects and reduce the time it takes to print overall. It is a bold statement and one that no doubt a whole lot of people in the industry are going to hold them to.

Their innovative design will allow the aluminum to pass through a thermal chamber that squeezes out the molten metal onto a magnetized printing plate, which will hold the metal in place while it cools down. They say they could have a working product by the end of the year, and estimate the price for a small business Vader molten metal 3D printer to cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. Later on, they also want to create a cheaper Vader 3D printer aimed at consumers with that version to cost under $10,000.

These are all bold statements, but bold statements have been proven before, so we here at Bit Rebels are definitely going to keep a close eye on this. Should they succeed they will have pushed the 3D printing industry to the very edge with their molten metal Vader 3D printer, exciting times ahead for sure.

Vader Systems’ Molten Metal 3D Printer

Vader Molten Metal Printer

Vader Molten Metal Printer

Vader Molten Metal Printer

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