Two Computers In One: The Value In Installing Windows On Your Mac

The prevailing wisdom is that Macs cost more than Windows PCs. Looking strictly at costs in the store, you would have to agree with that. However, given that Windows can be run on a Mac quite easily, is it possible that the versatility of the Mac may make it more cost-effective than what a sale tag would suggest? I’ve been using Macs for several years now and have set them up so I can still have my foot in the Windows world. This is absolutely necessary for my workflow.

I’ve used Windows PCs since the mid-90s, and exclusively until 2008, so I still see the value in their use and the software that runs on them. With Microsoft’s prevalent operating system installed on both of my Macs, I have, in effect, four computers instead of two. Although there is a cost in acquiring a Windows license, and visualization software needed to run it on the Mac, the fact that you can run two systems on the one machine absolutely makes the Mac a great value for the money. There is a lot of value in installing windows on your Mac.

It also helps, at least from my experience, that the Macs are more durable and last longer than any of the PCs I’ve had in the past. I’ve had my iMac for over five years, and it still works as good as the day I got it. I’ve never had a PC last that long. Hardware failures aside, I’ve always at the very least had to upgrade my PCs every year or two to ensure they keep up with my computing needs. When you factor in those costs, then maybe a Mac isn’t so expensive after all.

Technology enthusiasts can fall in to the “I’m a Mac” or “I’m a PC” camps. Both sides will argue passionately for their own cause, saying one is better than the other and vice versa. From my perspective though, can’t both be great? Can’t we use both if we want to? And since the Mac is the only computer that can run both (outside of breaking the OS X licensing agreement and installing it on non-Mac hardware), isn’t there a case for the versatile Mac of today? Will you be installing Windows on your Mac?

Get Two Computers In One By Installing Windows On Your Mac


Image Credits: [Your Tech Topics] [Parallels]