“Vampire Devices” In Your House [Infographic]

When you think about all the electric devices you use at home, are you aware that many of them are vampire devices? It doesn’t mean that you need to put the garlic next to them. It means that you need to pay even when the devices are turned off.

The National Resource Defense Council reported that people in America pay $19 billion per year for energy costs. But how much of this number is responsible for the vampire energy? It turns out that almost 20% of the monthly electricity bill. Don’t worry, though. We have a great piece of advice for you to save money. And spend it on anything you want instead. Tempting, isn’t it?

The first step you need to take in order to reduce the bill is to be aware, which devices are the vampires and how to control them. Then, it’s good to learn the best ways to reduce vampire power and do not allowed to let them win every month. What is more, the energy provider is very significant when it comes to money.

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The Rules Are Simple – Among Others

Using the power strips – This tool is very helpful because it can turn off different electronic devices at the same time. Smart power strips not only improve energy efficiency but also do not let to waste the power in your house.

Unplugging the charger – Very often we think that we can easily leave the charger on because our phone is not plugged in. Do not make this mistake. Even though your phone is not charging, you still pay for the energy-related to the charger.

Read rules which will help you to control the vampire! And we promise you don’t need a clove of garlic to do this. Read the infographic below and enjoy smaller energy bills!

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