The Vibrating Pen That Is A Spell Checker For Handwriting

When we think of a spell checker, we normally think of a software or word processor that checks our words as we type them. Bloggers use those tools every day, and they keep us from looking sloppy when we choose speed over accuracy as we type. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a spell checker in an actual pen that could act as a real time spell checker for our handwriting too?

If you are like me, you don’t use a pen or pencil much anymore, but when you do, you could certainly use a spell checker. This could be an especially useful tool for students and those who are just learning how to write letters and words. I’m happy to say this writing tool now is now being developed, and it’s called the Lernstift vibrating pen.

This electronic pen is only in the prototype stage right now, but when it’s perfected, it could help a lot of people by being their own personal spell checkers as they write or print their words. There are several different modes, based on how you are writing at that moment. When you make a spelling mistake, the pen will vibrate to alert you.

We are all familiar with the squiggly red lines that word processors put beneath our misspelled words. Just think of this as an analog version of that. However, even that is not a good description since there is plenty of technology in this smart pen. The best case scenario would be that people would develop apps to complement all the educational uses where having a spell checker pen would be helpful.

The developers of this vibrating pen are currently looking for funding. If you would like to contribute, you can click over to Lernstift. Using this pen would be like having the spelling police or a teacher right there with you as you or your children write. I could definitely use this!

The Lernstift Pen Is A Spell Checker For Handwriting



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