Virtual Game Night – 7 Online Options For Fun With Friends

Now that we need to stay at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to bust out some board games or fire up your PlayStation for some friendly competition with friends. However, this stay-at-home holiday is different since we all need social distance, and you can’t just call friends over for some fun and drinking. But, thanks to technology, you can take your game nights online and enjoy some of these games below.

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Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

If you need to consult experts on having online fun, check out Outback Team Building, and they will provide you with a super fun online event. Outback knows how to perfectly connect people by building an immersive experience for all involved—and it’s 100% online and safe.

They have a great virtual clue murder mystery game that combines video calls and solving a tough mystery using a designated app. You will be able to examine clues, view case files, and do many other mystery-solving things with your palls.

Quizbreaker Trivia

Trivia is always fun, especially when the subject at hand is your dearest friends and family members. Quizbreaker allows you to build a virtual trivia game about people you love and know, so you can all get to know each other better and learn a few surprising, endearing, and often even embarrassing details. This activity will make you laugh, but it also allows you to learn things about your loved ones and strengthen the bond during these trying times when you can’t be together.

Oldschool Card And Slot Games

Playing cards with friends will never go old, and the best thing is that you can play them as smoothly online as you can play them in person. If you’re a card lover, check out websites like Playing Cards, and you can find a variety of party favorites like Cards Against Humanity, Hearts, and Go Fish. Your buddies just need to enter a shared room code, and you can all play together with card movements synced on every screen.

If your friends can’t make it and you want to have some fun online, you can check out Casino Bros and find your dream casino that will provide you with quick and smooth fun. Study their top 10 casinos, pick your winner, and you’ll forget you’re stuck at home instead of being in Vegas.

Mario Kart Tour

Channel your inner child and go back to your childhood with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other beloved characters from the Mario Bros franchise. If you love Mario Kart, you can now enjoy it using a mobile version and race all sorts of courses with your friends. The game is free (available at Google Play Store and Apple Store), but it has in-app purchases, and you have to have a Nintendo Account to play.

Wheel Of Fortune

This classic puzzle-like game can be enjoyed on your phone alongside your friends. The mobile versions are available both for Apple and Android phones and are free to download (beware of some in-app purchases, though).

Words With Friends

If most of your friends are not available or just not interested in games, you can grab your wordy buddy and have a Words With Friends showdown. This app allows you to stay connected with friends and family while also exercising your brain. The classic version of the game is free and available to Android and Apple users alike.

Online monopoly

If you love games like Mahjong, Bingo, and various word games, you can visit Pogo and play with your friends. They also have an online version of Monopoly you can play for free. You don’t have to mess with setting up the board or arguing over who will be the banker.

Once again, technology is here to save us from boredom and allow us to have fun with friends in a safe and healthy environment. So, pick one of these games, gather your company and spend the weekend doing something cute and fun.

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