Vision X LED Shoe Kit Will Make You Walk On Light

No doubt do geeks want to technofy everything that comes in their path. We are starting to see wearable technology become popular, and that trend is just going to continue. It will still be a while before we can really reap the rewards of putting technology into our clothes, and of course it will also be a while before it is affordable for everyone. Well, until then, you can always have a look at this LED shoe kit that will make you walk on light, literally.

Vision X is a project aimed to make sneakers and all kinds of shoes a little bit more eye-catching. It’s not an advanced “technofication” by any extent of the imagination it is merely a way for people to put a little light in their day, or even night as in this case. The LED shoe kit is a DIY solution to add LED lights to the sole of your sneakers, or whatever shoe you want to LEDifie really.

It’s easy, and all you really have to do is carefully place the velcro on the sole of the shoe then carefully apply the super thin strip of LED lights (that can be customized in size) to the velcro that you just put on the shoe. The LED strip comes with a cord that goes underneath your shoelaces, and that’s where you will locate the battery as well.

You may choose between two different batteries which make the lights shine normal or brighter. The color of the lights can also be changed by the movement when you are walking. You can of course put the LED shoe lights to a static mode to make them shine in one color, but you have 20 vibrant color options to choose from so why not go crazy. You can even add a remote control to the LED lights which can then control the LED shoe lights from up to 50 feet. The LED shoe kit starts at $59.99 and can be picked over at Liquid Emotions.

Liquid Emotions Geeky LED Shoe Kit

LED Shoe Lights Kit

LED Shoe Lights Kit

LED Shoe Lights Kit