Voice Call By Nano-Satellites Is Now A Reality Thanks To Sky And Space Global

In what seems like a major leap in the sphere of communication technology, Sky And Space Global (SAS) has successfully completed capability testing for voice call, image transfer, voice recording and instant messaging through its commercial demonstration nano-satellites. Sky and Space Global Ltd is a satellite company with centers in Europe and Israel, with its core business focusing on building a strong global communication infrastructure based on nano-satellite technology.

In June 2017, SAS launched its first trio of nano-satellites, named the 3 Diamonds, into space and plans to launch 200 more by 2020. The successful transmission of voice and image data via the 3 Diamonds has confirmed the potential of nano-satellite based communication as a cost-effective way of connecting remote locations across the globe.

[pullquote]While nano-satellites have previously been used for the purposes of earth monitoring and capturing images from space, SAS is the first organization to have successfully completed a voice call over this technology.[/pullquote] This opens up an entirely new set of possibilities for nano-satellite technology, making it a strong candidate for building communication networks in emerging markets that lack any network infrastructure. Nano-satellite technology for voice calls and other modes of communication is a more feasible option than traditional satellite communication because it comes at a fraction of the price of the latter. This allows SAS to accomplish its goal of providing affordable communication technology to the world.

The successful completion of the first voice call with the help of nano-satellite technology is a major technical validation milestone for SAS but they plan to continue testing the advanced capabilities of this technology before the commercial deployment of the same. According to Meir Moalem, Sky and Space Global’s CEO and Managing Director, the results of these validation tests bring SAS extremely close to accomplishing their goal of providing low-cost communication services to “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”.

The team at SAS is now geared for the launch of an entire constellation of nano-satellites over the next few years, to provide a global infrastructure for the large-scale deployment of this technology by 2020. [pullquote]The endeavors of SAS are predicted to vanquish the global digital divide due to which approximately 3 billion people are unable to access digital data because of the high cost of the existing technology.[/pullquote] Nano-satellite technology is unique because it will enable the service providers and telecom companies to provide low-cost communication options to the residents of remote areas.

Industry experts believe that these developments are the beginning of something big. According to Economist.com, these tiny satellites are changing the space business, while FinFeed.com states that the results of the recent voice call tests bring SAS one step closer to the nano-satellite dream. These endeavors of SAS come with the promise of digital access to all, which is essential for global development and unity. Therefore, the world is rooting for the constellation of nano-satellites to bring us closer and to bridge the global digital divide once and for all.

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Voice Call By Nano-Satellites Is Now A Reality Thanks To SAS

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