Panasonic Unveils Voice And Hand Gesture Lighting For Our Homes

There is no doubt tomorrow’s homes will be inhabited by a myriad of technical solutions to make our lifestyles more comfortable. There have been countless propositions throughout the years which have yielded various successes. Now Panasonic is unveiling their latest technology, which could add a a more optimized way to adjust the lighting in our homes. The system allows for a voice and hand gesture interactive way to adjust the level of light we want.

Panasonic is well known for their innovative contributions to the future home, and this voice and hand gesture system is no exception. It’s a super optimized lighting system that with a few gestures will allow you to change the intensity, color and direction of the light itself. Keep in mind that the system is in its infancy and further refinement will allow for an untethered voice interaction with the lighting rig as well.

With a few LCD or LED screens (whatever they are), the user has a way to completely customize the lighting in a room. The system is based on the idea of cloud technology and harnesses the true power of combined user driven technologies.

You can basically tell the lighting rig how much light you want, and what color you want individual screens to be, in order to customize the lighting exactly the way you want it. Furthermore, you can adjust the intensity of the lighting with simple hand gestures which make this system the ideal lighting system for people who watch a lot of movies. This way, you can comfortably sit back on the couch, activate the interaction with the lighting rig with the help of your voice – and then a hand gesture to adjust the light intensity in the room.

It sure looks and sounds like we’re all going to have our own Jarvis computer if technology keeps progressing at the fast pace and in the way it’s currently doing. Combine that with a hand gesture TV interface and a projection mapping projector, and we have ourselves our very own real world immersive virtual reality system. Now that would be something to show off to our fellow geek friends, wouldn’t you think?

Panasonic’s Voice & Hand Gesture Lighting Rig

Panasonic's Hand Gesture Lighting

Panasonic's Hand Gesture Lighting