New Wacom Tablet Enters An Unprecedented Dimension Of Creativity

Tablets have been around for a while now, and there are about as many apps available for tablets as there are for smartphones. Well, maybe not, but there are quite a few of them. When tablets first became popular, people talked about how they would revolutionize the way we take care of our everyday business. So far I haven’t seen much of a revolution going on when it comes to tablets, but maybe the new Wacom tablet called Cintiq Companion is the start of something exciting.

Wacom is synonymous with digital drawing board technology and has become a leader in this field that helps us use computer software as easily as it is for us to scribble on paper. The complete and ultimate solution has so far been a few steps away, but with the new Cintiq Companion Wacom tablet, things are about to change. This ultra high resolution tablet could become a valuable asset for a lot of people around the world.

For creative people, the Cintiq Companion is the ultimate creativity tool which has a lot of features that will be beneficial to anyone drawing or using handwriting a lot in their everyday endeavors. The Wacom tablet has 2,048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, which is unheard of in the tablet industry. For comic drawers, and for people who depend on pressure sensitivity, this Wacom tablet is going to be a straight up revolution.

The Android model will be released in September with a price set to 168,000 yen (~US$1,700) for the high end model, and the standard model at 158,000 yen (~US$1,600). The Windows 8 model will be released in October and will have a price tag of 248,000 yen (~US$2,500) for the high end model and 198,000 yen (~US$2,000) for the standard one. These tablets could change a whole lot when it comes to tablets in general since they could add more features to the ordinary tablets in the future if they become popular.

New Wacom Tablets – Cintiq Companion