Walkie Talkie Radio Accessory For Your Smartphone

There has been a lot of focus on smartphones lately here on Bit Rebels, and since it is Saturday today, I thought I might turn our attention to accessories instead. It’s been a while since we featured something that was even close to being called a smartphone accessory. Of course, there are a boatload of them, and finding ones that are geeky is not exactly easy. But I think I have been able to unearth something that could impress you. It’s the walkie talkie radio smartphone accessory.

You might buy a new smartphone cover or case and think it’s pretty much all the market has to offer, but that is where you are completely wrong. There are far more cool things you can accessorize with. The walkie talkie radio smartphone accessory might look like a prop, but it actually works perfectly fine. All you need to do is connect it to the headphone jack on your smartphone, and you’ll be all set to go undercover.

How cool would it be to bust out a walkie talkie radio when your phone rings and carry a conversation that way? It’s certainly something that will get you some attention, especially if you’re in public and bust out this red walkie talkie radio. I am considering getting one just because of the geek factor. It’s not really expensive either.

Usually, when we browse for smartphone accessories, we tend to either find a lot of junk or just stuff that is insanely pricey. This thing delivers the geek factor and is affordable for any size wallet. The price of this walkie talkie radio is a cheap $24.00, and you can pick it up over at FredFlare. Don’t settle for the ordinary and sometimes boring look of smartphone bumpers, cases or protective layers. This smartphone accessory will definitely up the awesomeness of your smartphone. You can be sure that your geek cred is increased exponentially with this piece of geekery. It couldn’t be more awesome to be a geek in this day and age.

Fred Flare’s Walkie Talkie Radio Smartphone Accessory




Via: [UFunk – French]