I Know What I Want for Christmas: The Nokia Lumia 920

Seriously, the Nokia Lumia 920 is simply stunning! This smartphone almost takes you by the hand as it sits comfortably in your palm with a bounding confidence and an oh-so-smooth finish; it simply oozes build quality and then some. It’s a refinement unlike any other device (please discard your Apple iPhones) because Nokia, with the new Microsoft Windows 8 Phone OS, has provided an holistic user experience that Apple can only envy. The ‘smartphone’ has grown-up, and this device represents the next generation of smartphone technology.

Both Sarah (@grattongirl) and I wrestled (on occasions, affectionately) with each other taking it in turns to experience the Nokia Lumia 920. I was eager to learn more about the seamless experience across the device with my Windows 8 OS, whilst Sarah downloaded anything and everything to compare the experience against her Apple iPhone 4S. Admittedly, the Microsoft app store needs serious populating – nevertheless, it didn’t distract from the overall experience, as the approachable OS delivered a sympathetic and, dare I say, soothing user interface.

And then there’s the 8 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, 1080p@30fps video recording, along with the Lumia’s impressive Optical Image Stabilization with floating lens technology which completely stripped the iPhone of its best phone/camera credentials. Add on a 4.5″ 16M-colour PureMotionHD+ IPS display and, quite honestly, it leaves Apple sulking in the corner like an upstaged ex-supermodel!

The only thing that makes us remorseful about the Lumia is the fact that, as reviewers, we have to return it; a sad reality that’s made us consider going into temporary hiding to avoid the DHL courier – honestly, he’s going to have to pry it from our desperate fingers! In the words of Maria Carey, “All I want for Christmas is You” Nokia Lumia 920, so have a festive heart Nokia, don’t be a Scrooge and cancel the driver!

The Nokia Lumia 920 – Available On Amazon

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Image Credits: [Gizmodo] [PC Pro]