Wearable Transportation | No More Walking For Us!

Are you tired of walking? Have you had enough of the wearing of shoes and the constant muscle flexing it takes to walk around each day? Well, you’re definitely in luck because I am about to show you something that is nothing less than the transportation you can see in “The Jetsons“. This “pod” like invention sure looks like something stolen directly from the future and I am pretty sure it is at some point.

The likenesses between this “pod” transportation module and the rolling segway that we are now accustomed to that is present in pretty much every geek company is quite apparent. This new pod named “The Chariot”, which is developed by Exmovere, is controlled by small movements of the lower body. It’s self balancing and it keeps the driver in an upright position. At first glance you directly know who this new invention is created for and it’s of course for the disabled. It will help them live a normal life just like the rest of us, being able to slowly stroll along the street talking to their friends and loved ones.

With a top speed of 12 miles per hour you can be sure to get to your destination perfectly in time without having to stress. The Chariot is also constructed in a way to make it possible for the wearer to get as close to things as possible. This new and ultimately cool invention was first and foremost created for the disabled and amputees but I am sure there will be a more “entertainment” oriented model for companies to buy.

“We especially hope that the Chariot will offer dignity, strength, and increased mobility to those who were wounded serving our country.”