Weather Widget: Show Off The Weather In Star Wars!

I recently read about a little 1st grader girl who got bullied at school because she liked Star Wars, and she had a water bottle with a Star Wars theme on it. I mean, what is the world coming to? Star Wars has become a lifestyle for many, and I am sure for them these things doesn’t go by unnoticed. I don’t think I know a proper geek who doesn’t like, has liked or will like Star Wars sometime in their life. She should be invited to be the honorary member of the Star Wars fan club if you ask me. Show them bullies what they are doing is wrong and that liking something never should be the cause for bullying. Period!

So with that in mind I would like to dedicate this article to Katie. She should totally geek her desktop out with these awesome Star Wars Weather Widgets designed by Cristian Kit Paul. They show the weather, even though they are not functioning widgets, on planets like Tatooine, Hoth, Cloud City, Alderaan and Dagobah.

Star Wars will forever be part of the childhood memories for many. Just because some are creating their memories today doesn’t mean they should be subject to bullying. Many of the technologies, to some extent, even the weather widget, has come from ideas presented in Star Wars and other sci-fi movies. For as long as I am a geek I will forever cherish the childhood memories of Star Wars. Stop the bullying and start the befriending.