Is Your Website Hosted On A Shared Server? – Time To Move To The Cloud

You probably started out your small business website or blog with a Shared Hosting plan. Shared hosting is great to start out with. It’s easy to use, has sufficient space and resources for a website in its infancy and is also quite affordable. However, unless your website is a personal blog, you will have plans to grow bigger and attract more web traffic. This is very likely where you will start to have problems with your shared server hosting package.

Most customers of a shared hosting plan face these issues and wish to move to a more robust hosting option but are largely concerned about the technicalities involved along with the additional cost.

To fulfill this gap between upgraded technology and cost (that customers who need more than traditional Shared Hosting require), a web services company called ResellerClub offers a cloud hosting product that is unlike many other options in the market.

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How Cloud Hosting Is Different From Shared Hosting

Before we get into how this cloud hosting product will benefit you, let us first be clear about how cloud hosting differs from Shared Hosting.  In a shared hosting plan, your website resources with several other websites on a single server. On the other hand, with a cloud hosting plan, your website is supported by resources spread across several servers connected to work as one. Here’s how moving to a cloud hosting package will help you.

1. Cater To Sudden Spikes In Website Traffic

Unlike a Shared Hosting package, you can upgrade your CPU and RAM on demand to cater to the growing traffic of your website.

2. Never Face Any Downtime

The cloud hosting package comes with a feature known as ‘Data mirroring’ which stores copies of your data across 3 different devices. Therefore, in the event of any hardware failure, you will not experience any breakage in service.

3. Get A Faster Loading Website

Your cloud hosting package is integrated with Varnish Caching. Varnish cache is a powerful solution that can speed up the speed of your website by up to 1000%.

4. More Cost-Effective Than Other Hosting Server Plans

If you need an upgrade from your Shared Hosting plan with a tight budget, cloud hosting is for you. You get all that your website needs without having to burn your cash flow on a VPS or dedicated hosting server.

Do you feel constrained by your Shared Hosting plan and want a change? Try ResellerClub’s cloud hosting solution.

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