What Is A Proxy Server

A proxy is a gateway between the user and the Web. It serves as an intermediary server to protect the user from malware and viruses. In addition, it hides your real address and opens websites that are blocked in your country.

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How To Use It

For example, the server of a website will be collecting data about your location, using your IP address. If you live in Malaysia and turn on the proxy, the resource will identify you as another user, living in a European country or America. It is like an extension of your PC. When entering the web, a different IP address that the proxy owns will be used instead of yours.

For instance, if you are a fan of gambling, then you should know about the statistics. According to Republika (Indonesian daily newspaper), there are more than 5000 websites blocked on Malaysian territory. Or if you are a cryptocurrency trader, then you should have encountered an issue with blocking crypto trading platforms, such as Binance.

Also, the average internet speed connection may seem a little bit slow. Ookla, M-Lab, and Net.io ranked Malaysia 45 out of 100 countries in their test of Internet speed.

What’s The Difference Between Proxy And VPN

The issues with a slow internet connection as well as blocked websites can be solved with Malaysia proxies.  Why proxy, not a VPN?

Both VPN and proxy have the same goal – to protect you online and help you achieve anonymity. The difference is in the details. A VPN is a private network that can encrypt any data coming from the users’ devices. It hides your IP, unlike proxies, where the owner of a server can see your IP address.

As a side note – here’s how you can quickly check your current IP address.

A proxy – is a remote public or private server. It is usually faster than a VPN. Choose a trustworthy company when it comes to digital safety – to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and loss of your private data. It is also worth noting that a high-quality VPN is always more expensive than a high-quality proxy server.

It is also problematic to use VPN for business – online arbitrage or any other activity requires a multiaccount platform and an antidetect browser, which works only with proxy servers. In addition, if you own a company, with VPN you can’t control the traffic of your employees and block distracting sites while they are working. With a proxy, you are in charge of the whole team. You can reroute all the traffic of your employees through the proxy server and block all the unnecessary sites.

So, the advantages of using a proxy are:

  • increased speed;
  • cheaper services;
  • business-friendly environment.

One of the possible ways of using a proxy is to help you work with sites and online shops, where you can sell your stuff. Such sites usually have different prohibitions – for example, you can’t post too many posts using one IP address. VPN can’t solve this problem while proxy servers can.

Summing Up

By using a proxy, you will be able to access blocked websites in your area and enhance your security. It also provides anonymity when shopping, surfing, watching or listening. Furthermore, a proxy can prevent your employees from visiting distracting sites (social media or any other entertainment resources) while working. You can check it out for yourself by using our services.

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