What Are The Most Popular Types Of Software Development Services?

With technologies taking over our lives, new IT services are constantly being introduced to accommodate ever-changing needs. The Emphasoft software development company works with startups and enterprises for many years, providing various services to develop and improve solutions, and we have built a list of services that are popular among Emphasoft company clients and in the technical world in general.

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Mobile Development Services

This should come to you as no surprise that mobile development is on everyone’s radar.

According to Statista, about 56% of all Google searches take place on a mobile device and there are roughly 4.3 billion active mobile internet users in the world. Mobile devices become more accessible over the years, and internet coverage is growing too.

In 2021, the number of smartphones sold to end-users across the globe was 1.4 billion. Even if only a third of those smartphones went to new users (someone who didn’t own a smartphone before) – this is still a huge year-on-year growth.

The market potential is huge, and that’s why companies from early-day startups to well-established enterprises are introducing their own mobile applications.

The sub-services within mobile development that are most popular with clients include:

  • MVP development. Building a mobile app is a difficult process, and if a company doesn’t have internal expertise, they often reach out to a software development company, such as Emphasoft, to help out with the initial concept and a prototype. Once the proof of concept is over, the company either continues to partner with a third-party provider, or proceeds to hiring an in-house team to develop the final product.
  • Mobile UX/UI design. The design for the future mobile app is no less important than functionality. Users need to fall in love with the product right away, that’s why many outsource design to experienced teams.
  • Full-cycle app development. Common among startups and enterprises with limited capacity, full-cycle development relieves the company from worrying about the future app and focuses on core goals.
  • Mobile app project management. Having talented developers is not enough, one must also know how to organize them for success. That’s what professional IT project management does.

When you think of mobile software development, the first thought that comes to mind is development for smartphones. However, many more devices fall into the “mobile” category, such as smartwatches, tablets, and smart TV.

Web Development Services

Even though mobile development is booming, web development is still going strong. Everybody needs to have a website to promote themselves, and it has to be a robust and pleasant experience for the customers to use it.

Building a powerful website takes skills and experience. Anything can influence the website’s performance – from the choice of the programming language to the ability of the platform to handle large numbers of users being on the website simultaneously.

And unless you are a large business or have vast experience with website creation, it’s far easier to outsource the task to the software development company in USA, hence the popularity of web development as a service.

SaaS Development Services

The demand for software-as-a-service, or SaaS, development has skyrocketed over the past few years.

With SaaS, users don’t have to purchase the traditional, perpetual license and have it installed on their site. Instead, they go online, log in to the website, and access the software remotely. All development, maintenance, upgrade, and storage costs are handled by the SaaS owner, and end-users are charged monthly via a saas pricing subscription model. This model gives clients more flexibility with lower costs, and the entire industry is shifting toward that format.

Building a SaaS solution is arguably harder than a traditional software product. The SaaS owner hosts all user data on their side and must be prepared to scale, so it takes a lot more experience and tech savviness for developers to release a top-notch product that withstands high volumes and is secure for everyone to use.

The SaaS model became very successful, inspiring PaaS (platform-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) that follow the same principle but offer not just the software itself but hardware and additional perks.

Web3 Development Services

Web3 is still strongly associated with crypto, but it has ventured out to become a base for all sorts of companies. Web3 is a compilation of digital products and services that are powered by blockchain.

Blockchain enables a new way of interaction between people and corporations because the technology locks all transactions and data in a vault and doesn’t let anyone delete or edit the data. This means that there’s no way to falsify a document, a piece of digital art, or a transaction once it happened.

There is a huge interest in anything Web3, despite the crypto winter. But because the technology is so new and complex, many companies choose to outsource Web3 and blockchain-based solutions to third parties.

Some of the popular service requests around Web3 include:

  • Smart contract development
  • dApps development
  • Solutions for Metaverse
  • DeFi product development

Staff Augmentation Services

It’s not uncommon for companies to have an in-house team but lack a specialist with knowledge of certain tools or a particular skill. That’s normal because the tech world is massive, so it’s unrealistic to keep a team with an exhaustive skill set. Yet, when a new project is launched and it’s discovered that a critical skill is missing, businesses often turn to their trusted software development company for help.

Staff augmentation enables us to fill in the blanks in the team and skip the urgent hiring process. With staff augmentation, the company augments the team by contracting individuals with certain knowledge for the duration of the project that their experience is required for.

The service blew up because it offers cost reduction (no expensive hiring and onboarding, plus you only pay a fixed amount monthly) and reduces the time waste. It’s easier to launch new initiatives, and once the desired results are achieved, the cooperation is terminated via a clear procedure.

IT Consultancy Services

IT consultancy services have grown in popularity for the same reasons staff augmentation has. It’s becoming virtually impossible to have profound expertise in all tech fields unless you are a giant IT corporation or an outsourcing software development company. Most of the time, it is more efficient for businesses, especially startups, to run their ideas by third-party professionals before making decisions or implementing changes in their company.

Software Development Services – Final Thoughts

The types of software development services that are most popular tend to stay the same as years go by. Mobile and web development lead the way, branching out into more niche requirements, such as SaaS development. Naturally, trends and the shift in the world influence what services are in high demand, that’s why we see a spike in Web3 and staff augmentation requests.

IT has become an integral part of every business, leading to a boom in IT services. As we continue on the path of digitalization, we will see more services becoming widespread and replacing the traditional approach to hiring internally for a task.

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