What’s inside the @Square | The Complete Guide

I was sitting around at the office yesterday and started to think about this whole new venture that Jack Dorsey (@jack) has launched upon the world. It’s one of the neatest and most genius little gadgets yet to the iPhone and other mobiles and it will literally make you and your friends walking instant money transfer machines. For small as well as big businesses this is a sure hit as it will enable them to charge for their products and services right there on the spot without having to rely on any other technology then the iPhone or whatever mobile they choose to carry around and this little “Square” gadget.

As I sat around wondering what this new gadget and service will lead to I started researching and trying to find all the material I could on the gadget. There’s a great bunch of video clips and small articles out there but they are scattered all over the place and it struck me that a complete collection of what’s available about it today was truly necessary.

Without further explanation, here is pretty much everything that has been revealed about the Square and a little more. It’s with excitement that I await more news about this venture and also whatever else that Jack Dorsey will undertake in the future. I can’t but think that he has more awesome things hidden away in his head that he will reveal in time. He is rapidly becoming a one person “brothers Google” with all his great ideas and I think that if he can just stay focused and listen to the community (just like Google does…sometimes) he can become the brightest shining star in Internet venture and engineering history.

I think it’s with his smarts and his will to serve the people (for example the cool choice of giving away the little Square gadget to the people) instead of the money greedy venture capitalists that he will win out on his ideas. Don’t think I am ignorant here. Of course Mr. Dorsey has his share of investors (or does he?) making sure he makes good money from his ideas but it’s the graceful act of really trying to put people first in his venture equations that’s most profitable for him. After all, it’s the people that will use his great ideas and make them popular. Isn’t that right Jack? (Oh and Jack totally kicks ass battling off a possible competitor to his own Square product in the last clip here in the list)