What’s Smaller Than Apple? [Infographic]

I think most of us who like Apple’s products love the fact that Steve Jobs was able to enjoy that he managed to take his own company from the very bottom to the most successful company in history. It gives the life story of Steve a great ending, which he no doubt deserved. I think we all have something to learn from his dedication and the ways he managed to boost inspiration time and time again from seemingly untapped sources. With Apple now being the most successful company in the world, there is little we can argue about when it comes to their products being what the masses really want, right?

However, just to hear that Apple is now the largest company in the world doesn’t really give us any measurements about exactly how big Apple really is, does it? The guys over at Visual.ly are out to change all that with their newly created infographic called “What’s Smaller Than Apple?” The whole thing is quite easy to understand, and you will get a clearer picture about just how big Apple is in comparison to other companies, markets and projects.

It’s an eye-opening infographic for sure, and it leaves you with an even greater admiration for what the company has actually been able to achieve. It’s an insane amount of money they earn in revenues each year, and I am sure they will just keep growing even though Steve Jobs is no longer their visionary, actively that is. It has been said that Steve left ideas to last Apple for years after his passing, and I am sure that when the first next new thing is introduced, we will all be eager to see what it was that Steve thought up before he died. I am still impressed by the scale of Apple when looking at this infographic. Just wow!

What Is Smaller Than Apple

Via: [Walyou]