When Google Glasses Run Windows OS [Video]

When Google first revealed their new glass technology, or glasses really, there were a lot of people who really didn’t believe in it. People brushed it off as a joke or thought that even if it was real, Google was going to fail at launching this new and innovative product. It just so happens that people are slowly starting to pick up on the trend. Sergey Brin was recently spotted wearing the glasses, and that alone could possibly spark a huge increase in interest of this new gadget. Much like Apple‘s Siri, the Google Project Glass is slowly gaining traction in our minds and will most certainly become a huge help in a variety of professions.

As we have said so many times before, when a product starts to become a hot item, people start to make spoofs out of its hype. We have seen it so many times before, and it’s a sure sign that the product or service is actually making its way into our every day lives. So, to pick up on this trend, I managed to find a little spoof about these heavily innovative glasses that might give you a little giggle today. It is most likely going to start a riot between Apple, Microsoft and Google OS users, but hey… I am just the messenger.

In this new spoof put together by YouTuber Vlakkeland, we get to see a whole new approach to this gadget. Actually, we get to see the gadget running Windows OS instead, which of course follows the usual pattern. Of course, with “the usual,” I mean the way we have seen spoofs for Microsoft products throughout the years, with an endless stream of popup alerts ending in the infamous blue screen of death. So, I keep wondering, is Microsoft going to step into this market as well now that they see their operating system being used? I guess not, but I am sure the Google OS performs slightly better than the Microsoft one does in this particular video. Or, at least so I hope so.


Via: [UFunk – French]