White Label DSP – How Does It Work?

A white label DSP is an efficient software solution for programmatic advertising. Today, it is hard to find something more precise and advanced than this one. However, the term doesn’t give any hints about its meaning, so even experienced marketers and advertisers might have problems with its definition. Let’s discuss the essences of DSP and white label to make things clear.

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What Is DSP?

DSP stands for demand-side-platform for ad inventory deals. With its help, numerous supply partners find the right options for their business automatically. DSP processes publishers’ demands and provides relevant ads in a blink of an eye. Not only the process is fast and flawless since the human factor is removed. What is more, there is no need to pay additionally – no third parties take part in the deals.

A DSP solution works like an automated buying platform – advertisers bid for slots and the software chooses the most winning option, considering targeting needs and budget. The best white label DSP covers all operations:

  • Direct contact with partners
  • Campaigns creation and management
  • Targeting options and other settings
  • Performance analysis
  • Adjustments

Not only DSP helps you find the best partners. In addition, it improves your campaign regarding your aims, provides detailed reports and helps you make meaningful changes if needed.

White Label – What Does It Mean?

Now let’s be more precise and define a white label advertising platform. White label stands for a pre-made software solution. This is something similar to an adjustable template that can be changed and rebranded to fit your company’s needs.

In simple words, a top white label is a fully-packed ad platform for sale. Developers create them to make some money and companies get a cost-saving solution. They pay for the pre-made product without any additional monthly fees. When you buy one, all ownership rights become yours, which means that you can enjoy absolute freedom. The in-built instruments will definitely help you create the most impressive advertising technology ever. The best thing – white-label option saves your time and money.

To be aware of your traffic origin and all data that comes from publishers, you can easily connect your custom SSPs to a white label programmatic DSP. The number of connected SSPs and ad exchanges can be operated from one account. Their amount depends on the vendor.


A white label DSP helps brands deal with most of their needs efficiently. With custom-made and full-packed ad solutions, companies can get the most of their campaigns without extensive efforts. A white label is a really smart decision – it is advanced, customizable, and convenient. No need to pay extra fees, search for partners, and take risks.

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