What You Didn’t Know About Mobile Advertising [Infographic]

If you are an online marketer, I’m sure you’re well aware of the huge spike in mobile advertising over the past year. When I say a huge spike, I’m talking around a 180% increase. This of course has a lot to do with Facebook. There is a statement in an article I read on Venture Beat about a week ago that has stuck with me – “Facebook grew its mobile ad revenue from a flat zero in 2011 to nearly $340 million in 2012. The network is projected to pull in around $850 million for mobile ads in 2013.” I think that amount of growth is enough to blow anyone’s mind.

The mobile advertising space is definitely hot now, and it seems users are responding. Well, if the ads are innovative and creative that is. Mobile advertising is similar to other forms of online advertising in that the user wants to be challenged, entertained and visually stimulated. There is a lot of room for creativity in the mobile ad space, and those who implement the best ideas will see the most success.

Some of the best information I’ve found on mobile advertising is on the Opera software site. They published a comprehensive study on the state of mobile advertising for Q2 2012 and Q3 2012 that are both worth checking out. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about mobile advertising in those two reports. I’m looking forward to reading the Q4 2012 report when it comes out.

This infographic called Advertiser’s Guide To Mobile by Startapp also points out some interesting tidbits about mobile advertising. I know from a user perspective a lot of these things are true. For example, it says mobile users are ready to act. I know for me, if I’m looking up something on my mobile, it’s because I’m ready to make a decision. If I wasn’t, I’d just look it up on my laptop later. I love this stuff, and I could go on and on…Enjoy!

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Header Image Credit: [Guardian]