Who’s Most Likely To Upgrade To The iPhone 5 [Infographic]

All the hoopla about the iPhone 5 is soon to come to an end. The hype and the anticipation is soon to be answered by the highly welcomed keynote that unfortunately Steve Jobs will not be able to deliver this time around. The torch has instead been passed on to the new CEO, Tim Cook, who I am sure will do a great job delivering the new technology to us. It is one of those events that iPhone owners, and there are quite a few of them, mark as sacred whenever it arrives. We will just have to see what this edition of the iPhone will be all about and what will be incorporated into it. There will for sure be some upgrades, but what exactly they are we’ll just have to wait and see.

There has been quite a lot of speculation though, and some of it just has to be true. I remember last time Steve Jobs held one of these keynotes announcing the iPhone 4. Back then, several blogs had their list of new features marked down, and a lot of the actual features matched up to their expectations. However, this time around, there is little news about what exactly the iPhone 5 will be all about. It could very well be a whole new phone all together since there hasn’t been any leaked information about it as far as I know.

Paid Viewpoint put together another one of these “expectations” infographics that will outline pretty much everything that has been said about the iPhone 5 and what technologies it may hold. What’s even more interesting is all the data that has been derived about the owners of the iPhone. There are some new statistics in here that I haven’t seen before, and those certainly put the iPhone in a whole new perspective for me personally. For example, the number of jailbroken devices figured on the infographic is way lower than I could have ever imagined. That there should only be 11.7% jailbroken iPhones out there is a testament to the good job Apple is doing with marketing and supporting the iPhone. Their technology is always fresh, and I am sure the iPhone 5 will not be an exception to that rule. Now to the juicy part… Are you getting (or plan on getting) the new iPhone 5 when it is released?

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iPhone 5 Expectation Visualization Infographic