Why Become A Google Certified Software House Matters

Any reputable software house today is google certified. Whether it’s because they truly need it, or they just want to attract more customers this way, companies all over the world are making haste to become google certified. But do you really need to become a Google certified software house, or is that just a new way to spend money on things you don’t really need?

As a google certified software house, you will need to gain a certain set of skills. When you’re on level one, the certification is based on your knowledge regarding Google tools. As you reach level two, you will gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to implement these tools. After that, you can become a Google Certified Trainer, and your role would be helping other schools and houses grasp the concept you understand so well now.

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Finally, Google Certified Innovators are people who truly, deeply understand how these tools work and know how to use them to solve issues all around the globe. Even if you have some knowledge regarding the tools, pursuing this kind of certification will give you plenty of benefits.

For starters, you will understand the tools much better, filling in some gaps, and strengthening your foundation. After that, you will know just how to use those tools to your advantage, making your software house reputable and reliable. This all equates into a bigger profit for you, so why shouldn’t you try to be Google certified?

All you need to do is take an online test for the first two levels. Both of the tests last for three hours, and a lot of information is covered. You can do all of this on your own, as Google provides all the necessary information. But there’s no tutor to help you understand these concepts, and you’ll probably feel like you’re using Google to learn Google. If you’re well-versed in the world of technology, and you already have some basic idea about the tools, you’ll do fine on your own. The other two options are attending a Google Boot Camp, or searching for online educators.

To sum it all up, becoming a Google certified software house can only work in your benefit, so you shouldn’t miss out on becoming one.

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