Why Magento Is The #1 Choice For B2B Online Sales

If you haven’t already heard of Magento (the software not the beloved X-men villain), here’s a quick intro before we get down to brass tacks. It is an adobe program that allows businesses to purchase and sell their products to other companies online.

In simpler terms, it is an online store for large businesses that allows them to create profiles, manage accounts, set prices, and much more. Among the other developers that provide similar software, there are quite a few reasons why Magneto stands out, and that’s what we’ll be addressing.

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1. Highly Efficient

One thing a business definitely needs is efficiency. When it comes to ordering products and business supplies, no proper business owner wants to stay on the phone for over an hour being juggled between employees, wondering if they’ve gotten the right amount and the best quality, and with Magneto, you won’t need to.

First off, setting up an account for your business is as simple as going to the official website and pressing a few buttons. With that one simple procedure, you gain online access to a business to business virtual shopping mall.

In one place, you’ll find a place to showcase your products and catalogs, manage your business accounts, orders, and credit, as well as, purchase products from other businesses registered on the platform. Not only that, but you could also integrate the software with your existing customer relationship management or resource planning software.

By having all your data in one place, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort that would have otherwise been spent trying to arrange and utilize the information you have on your clients, resources and business accounts. Not to mention, having a place like that to streamline the price negotiation process before placing any orders just makes everything a lot easier and faster.

2. Completely Flexible

You’d think that creating an online business profile on a b2b platform such as Magneto can be more limiting than creating your own online store, but that is only a misconception. The website interface is extremely user-friendly, which means that whatever adjustments you want to make, you’ll be able to with ease.

But how much freedom do you have with your account? Too much. Your account admin will be allowed to build an entire company structure from single users to complete divisions. This entails granting employees access and editing permissions to your company page. As for catalogs, Magento provides the option to set custom prices for any number of buyers.

So, if you’re trying to strengthen your ties with a particular client through reduced prices, you won’t have a problem with it. In fact, you could use the help of a Magento B2B Web Development Company to help you build customer loyalty and increase your revenue, according to Graphically Speaking Services Inc. In addition, you’ll find managing your orders, tracking them, and updating their statuses an easy task.

Now, if you’re a buyer, you’ll find that the control you have over placing orders is unmatched by other platforms. From price comparison and quick searches to copying previous orders, and all the way to merely inserting an SKU number of a product, control over the ordering process lies entirely between buyers’ hands.

3. Extremely Convenient

Nowadays, one of the most dominant trends is off-premises management. In other words, most businesses are trying to facilitate and encourage the use of applications, shared documents, and cloud software that enables employees to work from wherever they want.

One of the most valued features that Magneto offers is a mobile-friendly experience. It’s common to find software that is available on all devices, but it’s rare to find ones with a high-quality mobile version that provides the same experience as that of the PC or Mac version.

When a buyer realizes their need for a product, who do you think they’ll head to? The most convenient and closest option, no doubt. If they have a mobile application that lets them do all their buying, wouldn’t they put it to use?

Now, imagine a different scenario where a buyer contacts a member of your sales staff after or before office hours looking to place a time-sensitive order. Accepting their orders (and solidifying your relations with them in the process) won’t be such a hard task if you already have the ability to enter their orders on your Magneto account whenever and wherever, right?

In short, the platform offers a quick and easy way for sales teams to manage their accounts from anywhere they want, as well as for buyers to place orders at any time. All in all, it gives a company quite an edge over its competitors.

4. Offers Tailored Features

The B2B e-commerce platform provides a lot of features that are designed to cater specifically to sellers regardless of the industry they work in. For those who work in industries that revolve around seasonal demand and supply, the software allows the option to create a dynamic product page where you could program the page to update itself based on the time.

Also, you can take advantage of the smart inventory management feature to keep track of the products you have stored all over your various locations. That way, you won’t end up committing to orders without having enough inventory to cover the entirety of the order.

Add to that, a quotation system where buyers can add items to their baskets and start negotiating price quotes with you in no time. From what we’ve listed down, it is impossible not to see why Magneto would make a great B2B online sales solution. The whole design of the software is dedicated to streamlining and simplifying regular business processes.

In the modern world where efficiency is the main focus of all businesses, cutting all the extra bits from any transaction is exactly what an organization needs to rise to the top, and this is what Adobe presents. For a small price, you get to take care of all your business to business transactions in a place that caters to modern business needs.

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